Why the champs of Europe could be the big winners of the World Cup

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By KIMBERLY KAMARAUNAAP/AP The Champions League, the biggest prize of the tournament, is about to get its first international champion.

But it will be no stranger to some of the best players on the continent.

The European champions will take the field Wednesday night at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro for the first-ever semifinal match between Germany and Brazil.

Brazil beat Germany 2-1 in the semifinal on Tuesday, and a win will send the team to the World Series of Hockey.

The semifinals will be played on the same day, and the final is slated for Sunday night.

In the U.S., the semifinals will take place Thursday, with the winner moving on to the semifinals in the World Championship on March 8.

Germany, the top-ranked team in the world, has won seven of the last eight championships.

The Germans were the hosts in 2010 and 2013, and have won eight of their last 10.

The U.K. beat the Germans 3-2 on Friday and has won five of its last six games.

The U.N. World Cup, which has been played in every country except for Germany, will be held in the United States from March 6-9.

Germany has the advantage in that the U,W and L will play two of their two group games in the U., while the third game will be in the L group.

There are plenty of big names that could make their debuts for the World Championships.

The winner of the 2017 World Cup of Hockey in Sweden will be a candidate to represent the country at the 2018 World Cup.

The champion of the 2018 European Championship in Latvia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark will be eligible to represent them.

But there’s a group that could also be poised for big news, including the top teams in the country and the best player in the game, who could be crowned the champion of that group.

The World Cup is played in the second week of March, so the teams that play first would be seeded.

It is a group of 16 teams from each country, which could be made up of players from any of the 16 European countries.

Germany is currently ranked No. 1 in the FIFA rankings, while Sweden is No. 2.

That’s the biggest gap in the group.

The Swedes have been ranked No-1 since their run to the 2019 World Cup finals.

The top two players in the Bundesliga are among the world’s best, and Germany has two players on that list.

The second player is Germany’s Sebastian Giovinco, who is No 1 in his country.

The second-best player in Germany is Alexander Ring, who was No. 4 in the rankings before signing with Bayern Munich in 2016.

The No. 5 player is Alexander Zielinski, who has been No. 7 since the start of this season.

Germany’s most recent top-10 player is Oliver Baumann, who also has been the No. 9.