Which anime anime icons to paint match?

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When you’ve spent countless hours looking at the various anime icons that pop up in the main menu of your favorite anime apps, it can be overwhelming to find a specific match icon.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best anime icons you should paint match with.


The Golden Age of Arcade Gaming iconThis is a really cute icon that represents arcade games like Donkey Kong and Tetris that had a significant impact on the gaming landscape in the 1990s.

It’s been replaced by newer games like Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and the like.

This icon is great for finding a new game to play with, as it’s not so cluttered up.

This is an easy match icon to get, especially if you’re new to anime and anime-themed apps.

It has a lot of charm, which is great when you’re looking for an easy way to browse through the various genres of anime.


The Legend of Korra iconThe Avatar franchise is the second most popular anime franchise of all time.

Korra is a series that’s very much a fusion of the old-school and new-school.

It uses elements of both, from the classic cartoon style to the modern-day look and feel.

It also has a huge fanbase, so it’s a great match icon for new fans looking to learn more about the series.


The Love Live!

School Idol Festival iconThe Love Live!!

School Idol festival has been around for more than 20 years, and it’s an anime franchise that is well-known for its energetic dance routines and hilarious lyrics.

The series has been updated several times over the years, so you’ll find a lot to love about it.

You’ll also find a ton of anime icon match icons here.


The Sword Art Online: Haruhi symbolThe Sword Art online: Harumi symbol is one of the most popular Japanese anime icon matches.

The symbol has been a staple in anime fandom for over 30 years.

This anime icon is an amazing match icon because it has the exact same shape as the Haruhami, a fictional character from Sword Art: Online.

The characters themselves are pretty cool, so the Harumi icon is a great addition to your favorite Anime apps.


The YuYu Hakusho: Hachiman no Yu symbolThe YuYu hakusho series has a unique character design.

The first arc has Hachman and his team in a battle royale and then it turns into a team match in a team battle.

The Hachmans are the main characters in this series, and this anime icon fits the character well.

This match icon is especially helpful when looking for new anime characters that you can use as a new anime match.


The Dragon Ball Z: Zeta symbolDragon Ball Z is a popular anime series with a huge fan base.

It was one of a few titles that received a sequel that introduced new characters and plotlines.

This series is well known for its colorful artwork and anime character designs, and is one that is always on our list of favorite anime icons.


The Pokemon GO iconThe Pokemon GO app has a great anime icon that is a nice fit for new players.

The app has several anime icons, but this one is definitely our favorite.

This app icon is one you’ll often find when you are searching for an anime match icon, as there are plenty of other anime icons on the list.


The The Legend Of Korra iconIf you love anime and don’t mind looking for a match icon that’s different than the ones you see on most apps, this is the one you want.

The character and character design of the anime are a lot more realistic, so this icon is particularly useful for looking for the latest anime to check out.


The Bleach: Doremi symbolThe Bleach series is a manga series that has been translated into over 40 languages.

The anime has a large fanbase, which means there are lots of anime icons for you to use.

The main characters are pretty good at their jobs, and a good match icon will add some spice to the series’ appeal.


The Pokémon GO iconPokémon GO has a cool anime icon for those looking to go online.

This new icon has the same design as the Pokémon Go app.

This has a really cool look, so if you’ve never used the app before, this icon might be a good fit.


The Shirogane: Kyuuji no Iru Machi iconThe Shirokyu no Iri Machi manga series is one in the anime Naruto series.

This manga series was first released in Japan in 2013, and its sequel is currently being released in North America and Europe.

This symbol is also a good choice for those wanting to search for an Anime icon that matches up with the Shirokichi, the main character of the Shiru-shiru manga series.


The Naruto anime iconThis anime icon has a bit of