How to use Nike Match calculator to find the best match for your child’s birthday

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The NHL has introduced a new app for kids to help them figure out how many pairs of shoes they should buy based on their child’s size.

The app is the latest innovation to Nike’s Match, which is part of its “match” program.

This is a free service that gives players who sign up a free pair of shoes to pair with their name and team.

The Match app allows players to create a personal match and then share it with their friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

It will then generate a list of the best shoes for that child to buy.

Players can then select the shoes based on the size of their child, along with their family size.

They can then check each pair and compare their child with the shoe on the list.

Nike’s Match app is available for iPhone and iPad, with Android and Windows Phone versions coming soon.