Catholic church to make new vows to gay and lesbian people, says Pope

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A new set of Catholic church rules are expected to make it clear that gay and lesbians cannot be priests, deacons, or pastors, and they will also include a ban on gay and bisexual men serving as members of the clergy, the Vatican said on Friday.

The changes, which will be announced on Sunday, are expected by the end of the month, and will apply to all churches that receive Vatican approval.

The new rules will come into effect on January 1, 2025.

The rules are aimed at ensuring that people in the Church, and not just clergy, have the right to be treated as equals in terms of the roles they hold.

The move is seen as a major boost for the Vatican’s struggle to find ways to reconcile its teachings with the new progressive policies of Pope Francis, who has also made a major change to the Catholic Church’s teachings.

The new rules, first reported by Reuters news agency, follow a year-long Vatican review of how the church can be more inclusive and tolerant of the gay and LGBT community, and are seen as one of the last major attempts to reconcile the church’s traditional doctrine with a progressive agenda that has brought the church into the mainstream of American society.

“Today the church is moving toward an authentic and open acceptance of people of different orientations and backgrounds,” said the Pope, who also is known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

The Church’s new rules would have to be approved by the pope, and would not apply to Catholic dioceses and parishes.

The Vatican said in a statement that it had already received an unprecedented number of requests from people across the world seeking the same.

The reform, which has been welcomed by the United States, Canada and Europe, comes amid an ongoing debate in the United Nations over the future of the Church.

Pope Francis has pushed the Church to re-evaluate its positions on homosexuality, but many people have also questioned his commitment to the church and its teachings.

The Vatican has already changed its rules on celibacy, a policy that allows priests to remain married to a man or woman.

The Pope’s reform comes in the wake of a long and public debate over the Church’s position on homosexuality and marriage.

Last year, the pope said he did not believe gay people should be priests and bishops, and called for their ordination to the priesthood.

A report by the Vatican press office, however, published last week, said Francis had softened his stance on gay people, and had even endorsed gay marriage.

The pope has said that the Church should not be a “church of law” that is “concerned about the interpretation of the law” and had no plans to change its teachings on homosexuality.

In a statement, a Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, said the pope had not yet decided how to move forward.

“The Vatican is a church of the universal Church,” Lombardi said.

“The pope does not intend to make any specific decisions on the future course of the church, but he has said he will not permit anyone to impose his personal opinions on the Church.”

Francis’ changes to the Church have been praised by some quarters of the Catholic church, which argue that it has become too liberal and that its teachings are being misinterpreted by some of its more conservative members.

The Catholic Church, however has been the subject of criticism from some quarters for the way in which it has changed its stance on sexuality, abortion and other controversial issues.