How to make a latte without a cup and a cup of tea

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When I was a young lad, I liked to sip coffee.

I drank it from a cup, because I didn’t want to break a tooth.

But when I grew up, I learned that I can make a drink using a teaspoon instead of a cup.

That was when I decided that a cup wasn’t just a cup anymore, it was also a tea cup. 

I wanted to make something that was delicious, simple, and cheap.

I was determined to make the cup that everyone could use.

So, I started with the basics: coffee, sugar, water, and a teaspoon.

The first step was to figure out the right amount of coffee. 

A cup of coffee contains more than 1,000 milligrams of caffeine, so if I had 10 cups of coffee, I’d need to drink 2 cups of it to get the same effect.

That meant I had to buy a large mug of coffee that was full of water.

And because I’m an experienced cup-swinger, I didn´t want to spend a fortune on a cup that would be too big.

So I decided to use a large plastic cup.

The next step was finding the right sugar.

I needed to find the right mixture of cocoa powder, honey, and water.

I found the right coffee bean in a local market.

The best part was that the beans had been roasted for at least a week in a coffee grinder.

I could buy these beans for about 10 euros a pound.

So the final step was deciding how to make tea.

I started by adding about 20 grams of sugar.

After the coffee beans were roasted and ground, I added about 20g of sugar to each cup.

After about 30 minutes, I stirred the mixture for about 20 seconds, poured it into the mug, and popped it in.

The result?

A sweet cup of iced tea.

To make this drink, I first added sugar and coffee beans to the same coffee griddle.

I then heated the coffee, which helped to caramelize the sugar and add the cocoa powder.

I stirred again to caramelise the coffee and add some honey to make it a little sweeter.

I added about 40 grams of cinnamon to the mix.

It also helps to stir it around for a bit so that it caramelizes the cinnamon and the sugar.

Next, I poured the mixture into the cup.

Finally, I put the cup in the microwave.

The coffee was ready when it cooled down and the mixture had dissolved.

The milk was ready to pour into the tea.

This was when things started getting interesting. 

Once the cup was made, I removed the lid and added about 1.5 grams of the milk.

This gave me the consistency I wanted: a light cup with a little creaminess.

I used the milk to make my cup, adding a tablespoon or two to each tablespoon.

Then I poured that into the drink.

After drinking the drink, it would have the consistency of a rich, creamy cup of lattes.

This is a delicious and cheap tea! 

So that was my first latte recipe.

After I tried my first, I made a few more.

But my passion grew even stronger. 

After I tried many more latte recipes, I decided I wanted to go deeper.

I wanted more.

I got into the kitchen and began adding sugar to the mixture.

After a while, I had something I could only dream about.

I finally made a cup made with cocoa powder and honey.

This cup was even more delicious. 

Now that I have the ingredients, I can’t wait to share my next latte!

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