‘The greatest team of all time’: What could we learn from the 2013 NRL premiers?

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A great premiership is something you don’t think about too much.

It’s the thing you keep thinking about.

It might seem like a big achievement, but for many people that year it was the most important thing in their lives.

And yet the greatest team in the history of the game has not won it all.

There’s a history of great teams who haven’t won the premiership.

We’re not talking about the grand finals, the premierships or the premaxons, because those are not the things that really matter.

We are talking about teams that have won the title four times, the grand final three times and the premix.

We need to learn from this, and there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a challenge to find a team that can do it again.

But this year’s premiership team will not have to do it all by itself.

They’ll need help.

And with so many teams still struggling, that will mean a new generation of players will need to step up.

And as we enter the final week of the season, I’m here to tell you a little bit about the new recruits who will be joining the team.

As a player you get your chance to test yourself against some of the best teams in the world.

And it’s a chance to see just how good you really are.

There is no way around that fact.

There are only two premiers in history, and the other two are also former champions.

The fact that both teams have won three premiers’ titles makes it impossible to predict who will win this year.

But with this season’s teams coming in from so many different directions, it will be fascinating to see who develops into the best players in the NRL.

I was lucky enough to play with a few of the top players in New South Wales history.

I got to watch some of those players and get to know them well, but that’s not enough to get me to think about who will become the next great player.

I wanted to make sure I could look back at my own career and think about the great players that have played in the past.

And so I picked a few that I had a bit of experience with.

Here are some of my favourite players from that time:Billy Slater, centre, NSW Origin Billy Slater played for four NSW Origin teams.

He was part of two NSW Origin premiers, the 2002 and 2004.

He’s played in six NRL premades.

In 2007, he was one of the first players to wear the blue and gold, which made him the first player to wear it in more than 10 years.

He retired as a NSW Origin player in 2019.

The big star in NSW Origin, Slater made the finals in both his first and second appearances.

He played for six NSW Origin sides and captained the NSW side to the 2006 NSW Origin grand final.

He retired as one of New South Australia’s all-time leading scorers with 11 tries in his two seasons in the competition.

He has played for a host of teams, including the likes of the Brisbane Broncos, the Sydney Roosters and the Titans.

And he won four premiers and five State of Origin titles in his career.

I also like to remember a time when he was also a regular in the NSW team, and I played a game against him in my first two years.

I’m sure I’m going to remember this one.

We all know that it is a special place to play in.

We’ll play a match against the NSW Origin team, but there’s also the Sydney-based NRL side, the NSW Cup side, and a Queensland Origin team as well.

I like to play against both sides, as they are all very tough teams.

But when it comes to the premasters, it’s always a battle against the best, and that’s where Slater comes in.

I have never had the opportunity to play on the premasts.

But I was lucky to be part of the NSW State of Challenge team from 2004-05.

It was a really exciting time, and we were very fortunate to play some of that team.

I had the chance to go through some really good players that were playing in the Origin era, and it was great to see that.

There was also time when I was a part of that squad, so I had to see what it was like to be there.

There were also some other players that I got to play alongside in that team, as well as Slater.

It’s a very special place.

The best of NSW is in there, and when the time comes, I will be in there with all of the other premiership players and I will make sure that I can help the team that I’m part of.

There will be plenty of people who will say, “Oh, but Billy Slater is still playing in NRL,” but I say, there are a lot of great players who are still playing NRL