How to win the heart of a woman

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The ultimate woman’s dream: to be seen as sexy.

And that’s what some women want to get from a guy, and that’s exactly what they want to see in a date.

“Women want to be attractive,” says Kim Hester, a business and marketing consultant in New York City.

“They want to look sexy.”

But she also knows how to turn that sexy into a powerful marketing tool.

“When you’re looking at a woman, the first thing you want to know is how they want you to look.

If you can get her to say ‘you look sexy’ it’s a win-win.”

Hester has helped her clients win over dates by using facial expressions to build rapport and then building trust by showing her your personality and your confidence.

“I don’t want her to just say ‘I like you,’ but ‘you are the one I like,'” Hester says.

She tells women to “let it all hang out” — and then shows them a photo of themselves.

“You don’t have to wear the outfit you’re wearing,” she says.

“Let it all happen for you.

But you have to be able to walk away with a smile on your face.”

If she can’t make the date work, Hester advises couples to ask “what is she wearing?” and “what do you like?” to determine the best outfit.

She also tells them to “just get to know your partner and how you would feel if you were in that same position.”

“If they say ‘well, I’m a pretty girl’ you have a good chance of making her feel comfortable,” Hester adds.

Hester also recommends asking her clients to give the date a brief story about themselves.

It’s “not the same as telling them what you like,” Hesters says.

Instead, ask the woman what she would look like if she could just be herself and look sexy.

“If you want your date to be attracted to you, show them your style,” Higgs says.

Higgs also recommends that couples “get to know each other” — “just ask them about who they like,” she explains.

Hessely says that if a woman “is like a lot of men, she’ll be interested in a good guy, but if she’s like a guy who likes to be with hot girls, she’s not going to be interested.”

If you want the most attractive woman on the dating market, Hesselys advice is to go for the “pretty girl” or “hot girl” on the first date, but don’t overplay the sexy factor.

“It’s a good thing to be like, ‘I’m going to wear a suit, I have a pretty dress, I like to wear heels, I don’t mind if you have the same hair color as me,'” Hesseley says.

You can also show her your confidence, but only if you don’t need to.

“In this case, you’re not going out there and asking her out on a date,” Hesselies says.

If the woman says “yes” and you show her a photo, you should take her back to your apartment, ask her out, and then you can start the date from there.

Hsiely advises that “a guy will often go home and find out that he hasn’t gotten the girl.

He’s like, this girl doesn’t want to go out with me.”

But if you get the girl to say “yes,” you’re doing something right.

“Just keep doing it until you get her out of the car,” Hessly says.

It’ll take a bit of effort, but Hesselis says it can pay off in the long run.

“One of the things that happens is that if you ask a woman out a second time, she will not look at you and say, ‘What did you do to get me to say yes?'”

Hesselyn says.

But if your partner is into the idea of dating and you’re into it, you might as well start the dating process right from the beginning.