Israel to start trial of microcenter price matches

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The Israel Supreme Court has decided to start the trial of Israeli microcenter and gift shop operators in the case of a recent price-matching scheme that prosecutors allege was a money-laundering scheme.

The court ruled Wednesday that the defendants were required to register with the police and submit to fingerprint-based security checks.

The court’s ruling comes after a six-month trial in which the trial is expected to last until early March.

The trial is a major test of the countrys legal system against a tide of criticism over the country’s handling of the war on the Palestinians.

A number of Israelis and Palestinians have been charged in the cases, which have gained national prominence since the June 6 attacks that killed five Israelis and wounded dozens more.

More than 100 people have been arrested in connection with the cases.

The Supreme Court ruled that the charges must be proven in court.

The defendants must be found guilty of money laundering and violating laws on the prevention of money and credit, among other offenses, the court said.

The defendants are to be charged in addition to others in connection to the same scheme, the Supreme Court said.

Last year, a judge sentenced nine people to jail terms of three years for allegedly running a similar scheme.

The six others have been released on bail.

The government has said the price-matches have been the largest money laundering operation in the country in years.

The Supreme Court decision is the first time it has opened a criminal case against the defendants.

The ruling was made after a four-month hearing in which prosecutors asked for a five-year prison sentence for one of the defendants, Shai Dahan, who has denied wrongdoing.

The other defendants were not convicted.

A senior prosecutor, Zeidan Barak, said in court Wednesday that Dahan was an important participant in the scheme.