Australia beats Sri Lanka in second ODI at the Gabba

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The Sri Lankan batting attack had been in trouble with some of their top players being injured and not able to take the field.

Australia captain Brendon McCullum and skipper Brendon Gee were both taken off injured by Sri Lankans’ spinners while Mitchell Marsh was also out of action.

The two teams will play again in the opening ODI of the GACA season in Adelaide on Saturday.

The game started well but Sri Lanka started to show some weakness after an early drop in the third over.

They scored a double duck in the sixth over to level the match but Australia was able to control the pace of the match and eventually take the lead in the 19th over.

But the opening five overs were dominated by Sri Lanka, who took three wickets in just 20 overs.

Australia’s bowlers were often frustrated as the hosts were able to turn a few of the runs into boundaries with some luck.

They had the first wicket of the day in the fourth over of the innings.

But Sri Lanka continued to dominate the field, scoring seven runs in the next over of their own.

By the time the fourth innings came around, Sri Lanka had run out the only four runs to Australia’s five, but they were bowled out for 226 in just four overs.

The first innings was very similar to the first half as Australia were able be in control of the game.

“We just had to go out there and make sure that we were executing well enough to get that lead,” McCullum said.

“We’ve just got to continue to get the win, we’ve just lost three wicket stands, we can’t do that.”

It’s a big game, it’s a good game to win, it will be a big win for us.

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