How to win the PGA Championship without hitting the green?

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PGA Tour players will get their chance to prove their mettle in the FedEx Cup in mid-April.

This week’s qualifying rounds will feature four rounds of three-minute drives with a 10-minute tee time.

The PGA tour’s top 10 will advance to the championship round on April 9 at Oakmont, with the top 16 players advancing to the quarterfinals.

The first eight will qualify for the FedExCup, which will feature eight of the top 10 players in the world playing in a tournament that awards the FedEx Chase Championship, a prestigious prize that pays players a share of the money collected from the tournament.

The first round of the FedExTourney begins on April 11 with a four-round playoff for the tournament’s $200,000 first prize.

A top-two finisher at the FedEx Tourney earns the right to face the winner of the Pampers Classic at the Farmers Insurance Open, the Pardee Classic at Valhalla, or the Rosemont Classic.

The winner of this round will then face the PGC Champions Tour winner.

The FedEx Cup begins on the 12th and runs through April 19.

It is the most-played golf tournament in the United States, drawing a record 3.9 million people.