Cricket match between India and Pakistan will go ahead as scheduled after fans fight to stay in hotels

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NEW DELHI — The cricket match between the two nations in India’s capital will go on as scheduled, despite fans fighting to stay away from the stadium.

The fans of the two countries, India and Sri Lanka, are locked in a battle for the world’s top prize, which is worth millions of dollars, after India and the Sri Lankan government announced a record match between teams at the venue.

In a statement released on Sunday, India’s foreign ministry said it was “extremely concerned” about the ongoing situation in the stadium and urged all stakeholders, including the cricket fans, to cooperate and ensure that all the rights of the fans will be respected.

“The match is going ahead as planned and the authorities will provide support to ensure that the match is attended to, including by all parties concerned,” the statement said.

It added that it had contacted all the relevant stakeholders to ensure the match was conducted with utmost integrity.

The stadium is expected to open on Wednesday.