Which Christmas gifts do you really need to buy?

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The list of Christmas gifts that you really, really, REALLY need to get for Christmas is so long and diverse that it’s hard to know where to begin.

So here are some of the best Christmas gifts you can buy for 2017.1.

A bottle of white wine for everyone who needs it2.

An expensive gift card to travel to Disney World3.

A big box of gift cards to buy for your loved ones4.

A gift card for your favorite online store5.

A Christmas tree and an autographed photo for the next person you bump into6.

A huge stuffed animal that’s made out of fabric7.

An amazing Christmas tree that you can hang on your wall8.

An old-school Christmas tree9.

A tree with a full collection of vintage Christmas items and crafts10.

An original Santa Claus costume11.

A stuffed Santa Claus doll12.

A plush Santa Claus figurine13.

An antique Christmas tree decorated with a collection of original gifts14.

A personalized Christmas card15.

An iconic holiday tree16.

A vintage Christmas ornament17.

A handcrafted card from your favorite artist18.

A cute gift from your mom19.

A handmade gift from the gift shop that you will not forget20.

A beautifully designed gift bag with personalized content21.

A large gift bag to carry all of your Christmas gifts22.

An incredibly personalized gift23.

A Santa Claus hat that will become a part of your life24.

A unique gift to a friend or loved one25.

An adorable Christmas gift that will make a wonderful addition to your home26.

An incredible Christmas present that you never thought possible27.

A thoughtful gift that you’re not sure what to give yourself28.

A beautiful handcrafted Christmas tree29.

An unforgettable Christmas gift to share with someone else30.

A lovely, unique gift for someone special31.

An extremely personalized gift that has been created for you, but that is truly unique and will never be found anywhere else32.

An unusual gift that is really special33.

A gorgeous gift that’s truly unique34.

An exquisite gift that could have come from anywhere35.

A uniquely-designed gift that was designed by someone else36.

An eye-catching gift that really captures your attention37.

A really, truly unique gift that someone else has created38.

A special-edition gift that only a select few people will ever see39.

An extravagant gift that everyone will appreciate40.

A personalized gift that makes your life easier41.

An artistic Christmas gift with a heartwarming message42.

An exceptional gift that deserves its own blog post43.

An elegant gift that just looks amazing44.

An epic gift that won’t go unnoticed45.

An extraordinary gift that’ll be remembered forever46.

An amazingly beautiful gift that may surprise you47.

An astounding gift that nobody will ever forget48.

An inspirational gift that your heart is forever broken49.

An impressive gift that people will be talking about50.

An exceptionally thoughtful gift from someone you trust51.

An imaginative gift that captures the imagination52.

An inventive gift that goes beyond the usual.53.

An excellent gift that no one will ever stop talking about54.

An outstanding gift that truly captures your imagination55.

An impeccable gift that the entire world will recognize.56.

An absolutely stunning gift that anyone will be able to talk about57.

An incomparable gift that we can’t imagine what will happen next.58.

An awe-inspiring gift that simply captivates and is truly special.59.

An unbelievable gift that it’ll be hard to believe it’s actually worth it.60.

An absolute dream gift that literally makes our Christmas memories unforgettable.61.

An all-inclusive gift that everybody will appreciate.62.

An awesome gift that anybody can get.63.

An utterly beautiful gift.64.

An unbelievably beautiful gift from an exceptional person.65.

An unexpected gift that almost everyone will remember.66.

An irresistible gift that should be yours.67.

An unbeatable gift from a truly wonderful person.68.

An exciting gift that absolutely blows our minds.69.

An impossible gift that every single person will want.70.

An ingenious gift that instantly makes your Christmas memories magical.71.

An innovative gift that practically defies the odds.72.

An impressively clever gift that can only be described as a gift of genius.73.

An astonishing gift that would make anyone jealous.74.

An outrageous gift that all the world will want to share.75.

An insane gift that completely makes the rest of the world jealous.76.

An insanely impressive gift with no expectation of a return.77.

An unprecedented gift that cannot be duplicated.78.

An entirely unexpected gift with absolutely no expectation.79.

An out-of-this-world gift that might make your life better.80.

An intriguing gift that immediately brings people back for more.81.

An exclusive, never-before-seen gift that must be given away to someone who’s never been in this