Which Christmas outfit would you wear if you were a barcelona star?

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Barça star Xavi Mascherano, who plays for the club that celebrates Christmas, is a fan of the Christmas outfits, which are usually worn by the top players.

“We wear the Christmas suit for a couple of reasons,” Mascherana said.

“First of all, the Christmas suits have great quality.

Second of all we like to look like the star of the show.

And last, they are pretty cool.

I don’t know what the best way to wear them is.”

Mascherano was referring to Barcelona’s Christmas outfits that are usually seen by the club’s star players.

He doesn’t think that Barcelona would ever change the suits for other teams, however.

“If they want to do something different, they have to change the suit for their opponents,” he said.

“But for us, the suits are the best.

I know there are other teams that want to use them, but we are the ones that wear them.”

Barcelona are in the midst of a winter break after the Spanish league season ended on Saturday.

However, they will not be playing again until December, so their players can enjoy Christmas together.