How to make an Indian match-maker

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An Indian matchmaking app has launched to help match people based on their nationality.

Matchmaker app Lets you match people to a group based on a picture of you, your partner and your family members.

Its developed by a team of Indians, who say it has helped hundreds of people connect with people from across the country.

“We’ve had people from all walks of life from all corners of the country come and say hello to us,” said Pankaj Singh, the founder of the app.

“This app will give you a sense of belonging in India.”

Its the first time Indian companies have been making match-making apps available for the public.

India’s biggest matchmaking company, Match, has been working on a rival app to its rival, Matchmaker, which has been running in India since 2015.

Matchmaking apps in the US and the UK have been based on Facebook, but the app is designed for the Android platform.

Matchmaker says its app will have a better interface and is better at targeting users in different age groups.

Its user base is estimated at more than 2.2 million people.

Its popularity in India is due to its focus on social media.

In the country, people are more likely to share a photo of themselves than a person’s identity.

But its lack of social media integration means it can be hard to match someone with the right profile picture.

So, a team has worked out how to make matches based on people’s photos on social networking sites, and a profile picture from a matchmaker app, so that they can quickly find each other.

The team, which started in January, has also set up a Facebook page to help people get to know each other and set up groups of people to meet.

The app has received a huge amount of support from the Indian government, with a government official announcing a $1 million fund to support its development.

The company is also working on its own app, which will be launched soon.