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Matcha Cafe Maiko and Match 2020 are going back to the drawing board and will take their new show to the next level.

The two popular Japanese restaurants are back at it this year and will open in the historic Alamo Square building at the San Antonio Convention Center.

Matcha will serve a variety of Japanese dishes, including matcha, as well as a variety for the ladies.

It is also the only restaurant that will serve sushi, as part of a menu that will feature more than 300 varieties of Japanese food.

They will have a new look as well.

The restaurant will be remodeled and a new bar and seating will be added.

The new restaurant will feature a new concept, with a more casual atmosphere and new decor, said Kenji Kobayashi, general manager for Matcha.

“We want to give our customers a great experience, so that they don’t feel like they are waiting around for a table, a seat, and to sit down,” Kobayata said.

The San Antonio convention center will have seating for 6,500 guests, and the new restaurant is expected to open by March 2019.

The Alamo, which was constructed in 1911 and opened to the public in 1922, is one of the oldest and most prestigious sites in the city, and many Japanese tourists visit it in the summer months to visit the famed Mount Rushmore.

The building has been vacant for decades.

The old building has sat empty since the city took it over in 2016.

Match is planning to open the restaurant by 2019.

Kobayasa said the renovation of the Alamo will not affect the location, but the venue will be different from the current one.

“The old Alamo was a massive venue, with lots of fans and a lot of people watching.

We’re planning to have a more intimate venue, which is a lot more friendly to the guests, said Kobayas.

Kobayaashi said that the new venue will have more space and that they will open at the same time.

He added that the restaurant will have an outdoor patio that is expected be open year-round.

The renovated Alamo has been an iconic landmark for the city for over 100 years.

It will be the site of the San Marcos Monument and a landmark for San Antonio.

The original Alamo site was used for the San Francisco Exposition of 1893, and it was used as the site for the first of many San Antonio theaters.

Kobaysa said that Match has plans to create a new Alamo to honor the history of the city.

He also added that Match is open to suggestions for the new Alamon. “

When we look at the city and San Antonio, we think about the history and the history that we have, and we want to do something for San Francisco,” Kobaysas said.

He also added that Match is open to suggestions for the new Alamon.

“If we have any suggestions, we’ll take them, and if there’s anything that we need more, we’re open to it,” he said.