How to watch the World Cup final with an iPhone app

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A game of phone tag could soon be in your life, as Australia’s National Rugby League is working on an app to allow fans to record their favourite moments of the match between the Republic of Ireland and New Zealand.

The game, which is set to take place in Dublin on Saturday, will be streamed live to fans via a mobile app, allowing them to take their smartphone into the pitch and capture their own videos.

Read more”I think the app is a great way for fans to take part and see the game and share their experiences with the NRL,” NRL spokesman Shane Richardson told the ABC.

“We’re hoping it will help make the game more accessible and more engaging to fans.”‘

This is an opportunity to make people more involved’The app will also include features for people to watch live games via their phone, allowing people to stream video from their phone or tablet as they happen.

“There are so many great moments of Rugby League today, so much so, it’s just about getting people involved,” said Richardson.

“It’s a chance to make some people more engaged and more involved in the game.”

I’m sure we’ll be working with a few partners in the near future and there will be lots of opportunities to watch games from across the world.

“The game will also allow fans and players to record each other’s actions on the field.

Fans will be able to upload clips of themselves, and other players, playing in the match, to YouTube and Twitter and upload the clips to the app.

The NRL has already recorded some of the best moments of this year’s World Cup, including a goal by Luke Keary to give New Zealand a 3-2 lead, and the moment the ball hit the post by Robbie Farah.

However, many of the highlights were not live, with fans sharing the highlights online, and only some of them were made available to the public.”

People are going to enjoy watching the game as much as they can,” said Chris Kennedy, NRL chief commercial officer.”

That is the key thing to the game.

“The app is due to be launched in early 2018.