When will the new Samsung smartphone match your favorite TV shows?

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A new TV show and movie is coming to the Galaxy Note 7.

But that’s not all, it looks like Samsung will soon be rolling out its own version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Series 9 will be a new smartphone with a new design and some familiar features.

A rumor from The Verge states that Samsung is planning to unveil the new Galaxy Note series in early March at the IFA 2017 trade show in Germany.

The Galaxy Note 9 will also include a new camera with an 8-megapixel camera and a 2-megaphone.

The leaked images show a new Samsung Galaxy S9 model with the same camera, but it has a different design.

The new Galaxy S 9 has a more premium design, and the front of the device has a “glassy” texture to make it look like a plastic shell.

It will come in a metallic color, a metallic-gray color and a metallic grey color.

The new Galaxy Nexus is the successor to the original Galaxy Nexus, which was launched back in September.

Samsung is currently working on a new flagship phone, but its expected to launch at some point in 2019.

Samsung has been planning to launch the Galaxy Nexus with a 5.5-inch display, but a new leak suggests it will only be coming with a 2.5K display.

The rumor says the Galaxy S 10 will come with a larger screen and will have a new processor, too.

Samsung also has a new Galaxy TV, which is a smart TV that can connect to a TV via HDMI.

Samsung may also bring back the Galaxy Tab S2 tablet.