How to use your Twitter account to share your love for Overwatch in a postcard form

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A lot of the recent posts about Overwatch have been about the game’s graphics and features.

A lot.

A bunch.

But I think it’s important to highlight the game and its characters because I’m really passionate about it and have a lot of fond memories of it, and I’d like to share that love with the world.

Here are my favorite things I’ve shared about Overwatch.

I’ve tried to include the most popular tweets, but there are a lot.

If I missed any, let me know in the comments.


Overwatch’s characters are great.

Overwatch has a strong focus on its heroes and the lore of the universe, which is a big reason I love it so much.

I love how the game has such a clear vision of what it wants from a hero and a game.

There are characters like Bastion, the most iconic of them all, and Ana, who I think is the best hero in the game.

The game doesn’t shy away from the dark side, and there’s plenty of dark humor in the story.

I’m a big fan of the game because of the characters and the world that they inhabit.


Overwatch is a game about teamwork.

Overwatch isn’t just about the heroes, it’s also about teamwork, and it’s a big part of why I’m so passionate about playing the game in the first place.

The best players of Overwatch are the ones who can work together, which means playing together means sharing the same fun.

You can get the best out of your team when they’re together, even if it means sacrificing some of your own play to keep up.

That’s why I’ve been playing Overwatch for so long.


Overwatch doesn’t have a shortage of unlockables.

In fact, a lot has changed in Overwatch since the first beta, which took place in 2016.

Now, it looks like there are many more unlockable characters than in the original game, so there’s no need to spend a ton of money to unlock them.

You’ll still have to buy them, though.

You won’t have to pay for every single one.

I also love how players are starting to get the hang of the system, so unlocking the best Overwatch heroes isn’t a big deal.

It’s all about finding the ones you like.


Overwatch gives you more ways to play.

Overwatch does away with the grinding of the original games and is more about being a true fan of Overwatch.

There’s no better way to see the game, hear the voices of the heroes and discover a deeper connection to the world of Overwatch than through a few hours of competitive play.

I think Overwatch is just as fun for new players as it is for seasoned veterans.


Overwatch lets you customize your character.

If you want to be a better player, you can play Overwatch without worrying about your character’s stats and unlocks.

That means you can customize your hero in a variety of ways, and you’ll find yourself getting better at Overwatch in the process.

There is no set character archetype or character class, so you can easily find the perfect one.

If that doesn’t make you feel like a badass, I don’t know what will.


You have more options for customizing your character with cosmetics.

You could get into the Overwatch cosmetic shop, which gives you a wide range of new items, but I prefer the way you can get them in-game.

You simply select the item you want, then you pick your favorite cosmetic, which includes skins, emotes and other effects.

You then have the option to swap out those items with different ones, or buy them with real money.


Overwatch looks amazing.

If there’s one thing that Overwatch has going for it, it is the game engine.

It doesn’t look like anything else out there.

Overwatch makes use of Unreal Engine 4, which lets the game run at a solid frame rate.

It also uses DirectX 12, which makes the game look even better, even with its massive size.


You will want to play Overwatch when you want a lot more in Overwatch.

The story and characters are both incredibly compelling, and if you’ve never played Overwatch before, you’ll have a good time.

I feel like Overwatch is more of a competitive game, and that’s the way I like it. 9.

You don’t have the same number of heroes.

I haven’t played competitively yet, but even with the number of players in the beta, there are still quite a few heroes in the competitive scene.

I’d rather have a few more than the game currently has.


Overwatch supports a wide variety of controllers.

You get to choose from a number of different controllers, and Overwatch’s controller system allows you to play with different people.

You might be playing with your friends in co-op mode or against each other, but you can also have a solo game.

I don.


You do have to spend real money to buy Overwatch. You